Friday, January 2, 2009

Starbucks Black & White Cookies

The next chapter in the quest for the black & White cookie in the city
Before anyone makes fun of me for even thinking Starbucks would have it, I figured there was a pretty slim chance but the cookie was there, I was there... so ya know...

The Starbucks version consists of two smaller cookies rather then one large cookie like the Entenmann's version.
Once again the cookie is a golden sponge cookie. There the first cookie was soft and springy this cookie is eggy and dense. Not without some tooth but it's just sort of there.

The frosting on both sides of the cookie is thick and very sugary. The white side has none of the faint vanilla that the first cookie had. On the other hand the chocolate is a bit better. it's richer, more like frosting from a tub.

All in all these aren't bad cookies- but they are not as good as the Entenmann's

Starbucks NYC


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Happy New Year Gi! Loving these Black and White Cookie reviews! They look awesome! Sound a bit more like cakes to me though!


Gigi said...

Happy New Year to you to Jim!

I am loving trying these cookies- and yes, I personally think they are more cake like as well. But as one very opinionated New Yorker told me "They be cookies!- no damn cake!" so in the interest of making nice with the natives...

I really do love New York!