Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Miss Daisy Yogurt Cookies Black & White Cookie

Sadly, this will be our last Black & White cookie review for at least the next few months.
... Unless I find some back at the airport, or back at home or I find a way to get back to NYC before at least June.

Barring any of that this has to serve as a fix for a while.

The Miss Daisy cookie has been the largest of the cookies I have tried. About the size of the top of a hamburger bun. According to the label the cookie does indeed contain yogurt- although personally I couldn't taste it.

The cookie portion was spongy and moist to the point it was almost greasy. Flavor wise it sort of tasted like dense angel food cake.

The vanilla side if the frosting tasted exactly like a solid version of Twinkie filling. The chocolate side reminded me of a Tootsie Roll.

This cookie makes me sad.

Bodega (Convenience store) NYC


kelsi said...

these are seriously the best of the new york black and white cookies. at least, the ones that are available pre-wrapped. there are some "fresh" ones that are better, but this one..

SciFiSol said...

these are the BEST!!! i just finished one left over from my trip to NYC...mmmmmm...i wish i had the recipe.