Friday, January 9, 2009

Mollicoolz Shakers- Chocolate

One of the things I am missing about New York is the ability to be drinking a milk shake that I did not have to make myself (or even leave the apartment for) at 3:00 A.M
That probably sounds both late and crazy to most of you but my fellow shake lovers and insomniacs (or insomniac shake lovers) it is not all that far fetched.

Since I was restocking the home provisions tonight, while in the ice cream aisle these Shakers by Mollicoolz caught my eye. Shakers are a single serving milkshake that you make by adding the milk type product of your choice to the cup that has ice cream pellets in it and shake like there is no tomorrow. One of my "day" jobs is as a bartender and I can shake with the best of them.

So I loaded the cup with my Lactaid milk (which seems redundant given that I am mixing it with real dairy but...) So after shaking the shake- I filled it to the level for "extra thick" in terms of thickness it is not as thick as a real shake- but it is thicker then normal chocolate milk.
Taste-wise... eh. It's bland, it's like essence of chocolate. I think the reason for this is that the little balls of ice cream become one big ball of ice cream- this makes sense because the ice cream and the milk are just shaken and there is nothing that really blend or aerate it like a bladed blender would and since the chocolate flavor comes from the ice cream... I tried adding some Hershey's syrup to bulk things up and that did help- but the point was not to have to doctor it at all.

So far I think the best ready made milk shakes were still the long gone Milky Way shakes (yes, as in the candy bar)

Albertsons Supermarket


Jen said...

I'm a big fan of MolliCoolz Shakers. For best results, always shake the Shaker container first to break up the beads thoroughly; it makes for a creamier shake. Also, you can customize your Shakers by adding different types of beverages like orange juice, coffee or chocolate milk. I like to add different mix-ins such as brownie chunks, candy bar bits, fruit or nuts.

Gigi said...

Jen, do you have a favorite amongst the flavors?

I may not have been the biggest fan of these shakes- but this has inspired me to put my Bullet Blender to use making all kinds of shakes- I LOVE the Bullet Blender!

Don said...

Nice idea, but like the OP stated, the mix becomes one big mass, especially if you delay getting it back in the freezer from the store. It probably would work great as a point-of-sale item, where you mix it when you buy it, but it is not usable if you get it at Walmart and try it later.

Anonymous said...

I picked up the vanilla at WalMart...I did have a big CHUNK in the bottom when I pulled it out of the freezer...but the label said do a "PRE-SHAKE"...sounds like fun...and when I did that, I had thes little pellets all broken up. I added OJ and it was GREAT. Like a dreamsicle. I am going to pick it up again!

Gigi said...

Anonymous brings up a good point that I neglected in my original review- you do have to pre-shake the ice cream pellets prior to adding the milk type product of your choice.

I love the thought of the Creamsicle shake- I am going to have to try that!

Anonymous said...

I tried the chocolate shaker and loved the flavor. I used my spoon to break apart the beads before I added milk and it worked perfectly.
The strawberry tasted better than a recent Baskin Robbins milk shake.

Anonymous said...

Hi...I'm a big fan of the Cookies and Cream. Wow what a taste. I didn't have any trouble shaking mine up. I got mine at Walmart too.

Anonymous said...

These are SO good! I am not trying any but the cookies and cream, lol. Those fill zones don't matter. I had to buy these in secret and could only bring up 1 mug of milk and filled my second below the fill line--still awesome. Got to shake for like a minute and until you can feel those beads one by one! Ahaha, don't forget to drink from the cover! One thing's for sure with these: No pizza on the same day! Saturated fat is craZY! Like SO many things that you shake and stir and get instantly, you have to spend a little while, like slaving over a hot stove, preparing these! I think the thing is that you have more experience with milkshakes and have been jaded like that, lol. These compare with Graeter's shakes!