Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ben & Jerry's ONE Cheesecake Brownie Ice Cream

I am not always kind to good old Ben & Jerry. I have been pretty vocal about the fact that lately it seems the new flavors have been more miss then hit.
However, sometimes my favorite partners since Kirk & Spock manage to make a flavor that I have been known to wolf down at an embarrassingly fast rate (Cake Batter has become my favorite)

The boys have managed to come up with yet another pint in this years new flavors that is pretty damn good!. And yes, that would be ONE Cheesecake Brownie.
I love cheesecake brownies to start with. In my childhood (back when ice cream was chunkless- sad times) on the few occasions my mother would make cheesecake brownies a certain someone would do anything in her power to snag as many of them as she could. As an adult I have been known to bake double batches so I was REALLY looking forward to this flavor.

The base flavor is supposed to be cheesecake flavored and has cheesecake brownie chunks. The base flavor is tangy more then sweet. It reminded me of Greek yogurt more then cheesecake. Since I happen to like Greek yogurt more then I like cheesecake this was a big plus to me. The brownie bits are GREAT! it's like they took the brownies from Chocolate Fudge Brownie and topped them with cheesecake. They are fudgy and moist and if I could buy just the brownies by themselves I would!

And by buying this flavor you help fight world poverty.

It's ice cream!, it's a humanitarian effort!, it's delisous!


IE said...

sounds like it would be better with all brownie ice cream with pieces of cheesecake...

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

ahhh B&J's theres no better ice cream ;) I just wish we could get this in the UK

Chocolate Mision

James V said...

We can now Jim! I've bought a pint!

Dazy said...

Hey I too tried baking brownies and fairy cakes just after my exams got over. I go weak in the knees with a mention of muffins and brownies.