Monday, May 12, 2008

Betty Crocker Super Moist Cherry Chip Cake Mix

I got the yearning for some cupcakes this weekend...

So I thought I would try something new. The Cherry Chip box mix seemed to fit the bill so I got that.

I gotta admit it did pass the first test- the raw batter test. I think I am one of those weird people who actually prefer cake batter raw rather then baked. The raw batter was rich and strongly vanilla tasting. The cherry flavor in the raw mix tasted more towards the candy side then say fresh cherries- but that's OK. I like that overly sweet candy cherry flavor. So far, so good.

As predicted the mix bakes up perfectly (I think you have to try pretty hard to screw up a box mix) moist, great crumb etc.

The taste... I don't know what happened once the batter was baked but the sweet cherry taste went from candy to cough drops in 25 minutes! The vanilla was still there but it was over powered by the medicinal cherry flavor. It was as if an evil version of the Kebler elves snuck into my kitchen and stole the good cupcakes leaving me with that nasty batch of cough suppresenty blach! Again not bad raw but that doesn't really help over all.

Albertsons Supermarket

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