Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mjolkchoklad- Ikea Milk Chocolate

I got this bar on the same Ikea visit that garnered the salted licorice fish. Since I was less then enamored with the fish I kept putting off trying the chocolate.
Not very adventurous for a food reviewer I know, but I did it anyway.
It was about as good as you would expect Ikea chocolate to be. What I mean by that is it looks pretty good on the outside but it may as well be particle board on the inside.

The bar is a large, glossy bar. The texture is kind of waxy and doesn't have the smooth melt that you would expect from a milk chocolate (the melt is kind of dry)
The flavor is not bad. A little on the sweet side for me. There is a strong dairy side to it but it seems more like powdered dairy. It's not bad but I place it about on par with Herhsey's.


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