Saturday, May 31, 2008

Manzanita Sol Soda

Did you know that Apple is the second most popular flavor of soda in Mexico?
Neither did I, but if Wikipedia says so it must be true!
Anyway, Manzanita is an Apple flavored soda. It looks alot like carbonated apple cider.
And it tastes pretty much like lightly carbonated apple cider. It's sweet but at the same time not too sweet. You get the biter edge that eating the apple peel or the core would give. It's not exactly an apple flavor found in nature- but at the same time it's not that far off.

By the half way point in the bottle I had decided that I really liked it. It's actually pretty refreshing. I plan on picking up a 12 pack during my next shopping trip. They also have a Green Apple version that I will be on the lookout for.

Albertsons Supermarket

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