Monday, May 19, 2008

The Hat Chili Cheese Fries

Since it's vacation season and no doubt Southern California is a huge tourist draw I thought I would share with you a few of my local favorites. These are chili fries from The Hat.

The Hat is a local chain that is most famous for it's pastrami- and while these are fighting words in local circles, I personally don't like they're pastrami. But what I LOOOOOVE is the chili fries.

The fries themselves are just standard issue fries but they are piled high and topped with enough chili (no beans) and cheese to feed at least 3 people. I have personally never finsished even half of an order so plan on sharing!
The chili uses good quality ground meat and is just the slightest bit spicy. The cheese is shredded chedder and they will add onions if you ask.

They are huge, they are greasy and they have NO nutrional value what-so ever. But DAMN they are good!

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Amanda said...

Wow they are not very photogenic but they sound AMAZINGLY delicious!