Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meiji Meltyblend Green Tea

I admit I was not entirely sure what kind of candy these were when I bought them. All I had to go on was the picture on the box and the words "green tea"
Not exactly overly helpful. When I opened the first of the individually wrapped pieces I was a little more confused. The pieces which are slightly larger then sugar cubes are covered in a rather chalky looking thin layer of cocoa and chocolate. And the cubes while not as hard as a hard candy have no give to them either.

Throwing caution to the wind I just popped one in. The cubes instantly start to melt in your mouth with a very pleasant cool feeling on the tongue. The first things you taste would be the cocoa coating then there is almost a malted milk ball type flavor before getting to the green tea center. The green tea is sweet without being too candy/fake tasting and is deep without being bitter.

The melt is very, very smooth and it is way too easy to quickly have an embarrassingly large pile of wrappers next to you! (um, not that I did that or anything)
I liked these SOOOOOOOOO much I am definitely going to have to stock up on my next trip to the store.

Ranch 99 Supermarket


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Wowwza these look rather weired...but intresting none the less.

I still have yet to venture into the world of mixing chocolate and green tea...but will be something I will be looking into soon.

Good review GiGi keep up the intresting reviews!


Kristina said...

These are actually Japanese candies, not Chinese ... my best friend brought 2 boxes of them back with her from Japan and we became addicted to them but haven't been able to find them ANYWHERE in the states...where did you find them???

Gigi said...

Thank you for pointing out my typo! I knew they were Japanese but I did indeed have them tagged as Chinese (Doh!)

I got my boxes (I have had to restock a few times now) at a local Asian market chain called Ranch 99 They do have a few stores outside of California so check out the store locator maybe there is one near you!