Friday, May 9, 2008

MetroMint Chocolate Mint Water

I love the orange and lemon MetroMint waters so I was excited to see the chocolate version at a gas station of all places!
Admittedly I was wary of chocolate flavored water.
Could chocolate flavored water even be good?.

The answer is a surprising- Yes!
The water is flavored with "cocoa essence". Yeah, I have no idea what cocoa essence is either, but I can tell you it tastes pretty good. If you have ever had one of those hard chocolate mints that seem to found mostly at restaurants? of course you do. It tastes like a liquid version of that.

The chocolate is subtle. You know it is there but it isn't overly sweet or bitter. The mint is cooling but not overpowering or mouth wash like. It was refreshing, I know that almost sounds like a cop out but it was.

If you see it try it! It's water! it's chocolate!- and it's calorie free!!

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