Friday, May 16, 2008

Cocoa Pete's Berry Berry Dangerous Bar

So while I was in line at Blockbuster paying for my used $3.99 copy of "Blades Of Glory" (C'mon you would have bought one too) starring up at me from the candy rack was the Cocoa Pete's Berry Berry Dangerous bar
The BBD bar is a 4 segment dark chocolate bar with pieces of real strawberry. Incidentally the Pete behind Cocoa Pete's is also the Pete responsible for Pete's Wicked Ale (which is pretty damn good). Pete is really big on doing things with old world quality with new twists. I read a fairly interesting piece on the cocoa line and Pete himself even went as far as going to Belgium to learn from master chocolatiers. I had pretty high hopes going into this bar, needless to say.

So, how was it?
Each segment of the bar is quite pretty. Domes that are slighter larger then a quarter in diameter they are glossy and have a fabulous aroma of dark chocolate and the berries.
I think I had been expecting a soft or a hollow center- be warned it is thick and dense! and more then a little hard to bite into. There are indeed large pieces of strawberry. They are slightly sticky and chewy (but in a good way!)

The chocolate is great!. Dark and woodsy with a serious cocoa flavor. Because the chocolate is so dark it is more crumbly then milky but the sweetness of the strawberry keeps the chocolate from being too bitter. These are just an excellient candy. I will difinatly be looking for the other candies in the line!

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