Friday, May 2, 2008

Ritter Sport- Rotwein Truffle

Who could resist a red wine truffle?

I couldn't which is why I snapped this up on a recent visit to my local German deli.
This deli has a truly impressive assortment of Ritter Sport bars imported directly from Germany. I had no idea that they had so many flavors!

The red wine truffle bar immediately caught my eye because it seemed so different to the rest of the line.

When you open the package if you take a good whiff you can tell right away that this is flavored with red wine. It's sort of reminded me of the smell of cheap table wine meets Raisinettes- which is actually more pleasant then it sounds.

The truffles are made with a creamy milk chocolate that is on the sweeter side. In different circumstances it would be a little too sweet for me. But with bitterness of the wine it works really well. The truffle filling is a soft creme- based on the smell I had been worried that there would be a more liquid center. The initial flavor of the center again reminded me mostly of raisin. The after taste however is all red wine.

I am not going to tell you that you would be able to pin down the type of red wine it is supposed to be, it reminded me most of the cheap jugs of Carlo Rossi table wines my Grandmother kept on hand (truth be told the Paisano is a perfectly serviceable cheap table wine) but there is no doubt that it is a red wine filling.

I liked it enough that I would buy it again!

Upland German Deli

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