Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hachez Cocoa D'Arriba- Mango Chilli

When I saw this bar at Cost Plus I HAD to have it. I have loved every "chili" bar I have come across...
Until now- to no fault of the chili.

The bar is a very dark 77% cocoa (although the wrapper calls it "mild dark chocolate"). I think in my old age I am becoming a wuss, I just don't like my chocolate that bitter. But if you do you will LOVE this bar.

The bar does have a great smell to it. The scent of the mango is light and fruity and combined with the chili and the dark chocolate there is a woodsy spice. If this were a candle I would love to have one.

Because the cocoa content is so high there is more of a dense, chalky mouth feel then a smooth melt. As much as you smell the mango there is barely a trace of the flavor. I thought that was a good thing because if the mango had been to strong it would have been over powering. What comes through first is the bitterness of the chocolate followed by the heat of the chili. There is absolutely no doubt that there is chili in this bar. The fire lasts a satisfyingly long time. I liked that part a lot. The chocolate was just so bitter that it had an aftertaste that is best described as bad, burnt diner coffee. If only the chocolate had been just a little sweeter I would have loved this bar.

Well worth a try though if you like extra dark chocolate.

Cost Plus World Market

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Wow this bar looks right up my street.

I have only tried one chilli based choc bar so far in my chocolate reviewing career (A montezumas bar!) and it was pretty good.

I can see the added fruit element in this being really intresting - got to love the 77% dark chocolate aswell .. mmmm this sounds delightful.

Thanks for the point in the right direction.