Thursday, October 23, 2008

Archer Farms Four Cheese Risotto

Ok, maybe it is time to admit one of my deep dark secrets...
I am one of those people who screw up Minute Rice. Yeah, I know I don't know how I pull that one off either.

I love Risotto but am too intimated to try making it from scratch myself.
Trolling through Target I saw Archer Farms version I decided it was worth a try (especially at under $3.00!)

To be safe I had someone who can handle making instant rice make it.

Well the box says that the rice in question is "superfino Arborio rice" it is thicker and more "Classic White Rice" like like a traditional risotto. Even though it was reasonably tender if you eat more then a few (and I mean a few) grains at once they become gummy in your mouth.

The four cheese sauce, made up of Parmesan, Gorgonzola, Romano and Fontina cheeses is satisfyingly tangy and cheesy. It is on the salty side, but truth be told I like my cheese sauces salty. Is this authentic?- no, but the sauce it's self on better rice could be quite good.

Again, for a reasonably cheap dish it's not bad (it's not great either though) but this will never be my risotto of choice.


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