Friday, October 10, 2008

See's Scotchmallow Bar

Is there a way to make caramel and marshmallow better?
As a matter of fact the answer is YES!

Try adding just a touch of honey. The See's Scotchmallow bar and individual piece of candy is milk chocolate drenched honey marshmallow with a thick ribbon of caramel.

Once again, the milk chocolate is classic See's. Creamy and strong on the dairy. The marshmallow is the part I love the most. There is a good half inch of marshmallow! it's smooth and soft, the honey comes right through but is not so strong that it reminds you of cough drops. And let us not forget the caramel, it's buttery and sticks to the roof of your mouth (in a good way) If you have ever heard the Suzanne Vega song "Caramel" I think it may have been this caramel that she was referring to.

This is one of those candies that I can't stop saying good things about.

See's Candy

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Me Being Me said...

Yes, use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. I love scotch mallows and I always get them in dark chocolate.