Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First Blush Cabernet White Juice + Tea

A few days ago I reviewed First Blush Chardonnay juice. And while I loved the idea, the juice it's self left a lot to be desired.
Regardless I had a bottle of the Cabernet white juice & tea and I vowed to give it a try. So I despite not liking the first bottle I tried to go into the Cabernet with an open mind.

This bottle is the Cabernet White Tea. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Cabernet grape juice mixed with white tea.

First the smell. I did not take it as a good sign that the drink smelled like a cross between tomato juice and prunes. Both things I like on they're own but not so much together.

Fortunately, the taste was about a 100 times better then the smell. The grape portion reminded me of plump red grapes and the tea adds a nice balance, keeping the grape from being too bitter (there is no added sugar) or too bland. It was clean and refreshing. There was almost a floral aftertaste to it.

I loved this tea. I liked it enough to what to give the other reds in the line a try.


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