Wednesday, October 8, 2008

See's Milk Bordeaux Bar

See's Candies are one of those things about California that I didn't realize I would miss until after I had been gone.
While sadly for the those of you not on the West Coast or the couple of Mid-West states that have full blown See's stores to get your fix you either have to order online or wait until around the holidays when most malls get a kiosk location. The Kiosks sadly do not carry the full range of See's products but they do feature some of the best sellers and thanks to that I had been able to get my fix for one of my most beloved See's candy; the Bordeaux bar.

Both the Bordeaux bar and it's smaller individual single bite piece is a brown sugar buttercream that is enrobed in a thick coating of milk chocolate and covered in chocolate sprinkles. Really how hard would this have to try to not be good?

From the moment it's in your mouth it starts melting in a warm river of milky goodness. There is a really strong dairy component to the chocolate. The Brown Sugar buttercream is smooth and sweet- almost like a eating a pinch of soft brown sugar. But at the same time it is not so sweet that it causes your teeth to ache.

I am noit a huge fan of buttercream filled candy but I love these.

See's Candy

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Anonymous said...

Trust me, I know the feeling. I live in Louisville, and I only have access to See's during November and December. I usually stock up on my favorites during those two months, and the Bordeaux bar is one of them.