Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cafe- Tasse Noir Orange

When I got this bar it was several months ago at my Local World Market
We all know I am obsessed with chocolate and orange together and that was what drove me to buy this bar. It wasn't until today when I was trying to do a little research to write this review that I learned more about Cafe-Tasse. One long look through they're website left me drooling and wondering what took me so long to dig this bar out of my stash.

Cafe-Tasse are makers of Belgian chocolate and they are dedicated to making high quality chocolate with traditional techniques.

The Noir Orange bar is a 54% dark chocolate with pieces of candied Spanish orange pieces.

Each bar is long and thick, separated into six segments.

As soon as you open the kraft paper the orange oils waft out and say hi. And that my friends is just a sign of the good things to come.

The segments break with a nice snap. Waiting just under the thick top coating of chocolate lay a layer of candied orange pieces. Each piece is just a teeny, tiny pebble but those pebbles are soft taste as good as they smell. Sometimes candied oranges can be rubbery or just bitter and hard but these should be held as the gold standard. If only all candied fruit was this good!

The chocolate has a surprisingly creamy melt for a 54% dark chocolate. It stayed true to a mildly dark chocolate and was neither too sweet nor too bitter. There are some nice woodsy notes.

If the rest of the line is as good as this bar I may have a new favorite brand!

Cost Plus World Market

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