Thursday, October 30, 2008

Taco Bell Frutista Freeze- Triple Berry Creme

I had vowed to myself after being less then in love with the Mango Strawberry version that I would just avoid the Frutista Freezes in the future

They are too sweet, the flavor is not exactly complex and for that many wasted calories I could have something really good.

Yeah, I vow a lot of things.
Tonight's trip to Taco Bell (I am poor this week) was at the end of a long day and since at 6:30 pm it was still well into the 90's (hello?- it is the end of October already!) a cold, sweet drink sounded pretty good. I decided to try the Triple Berry Creme.

If I had been expecting the drink to look like the picture I would have been disappointed. The ribbons of creme are not as visable, at first I was worried that maybe they left the cream out entirely but in decent lighting they are faintly there. Taste wise there is a pleasent fake vanilla cream taste. I think if the creme had been there in larger amounts it would have been over kill. As it is the vanilla while again, compleatly artifical tastes pretty good.

The berries are a mix of raspberry, strawberry and a berry a can't quite idenify and the Taco Bell website offers no info on. Normally not a big strawberry fan I have to say I like the blend of the berries here. The raspberries kept the strawberry from being too sweet and the strawberries kept the raspberries from being to cloying. The bits of strawberry pulp offer some nice texture.

I liked this version much better the Mango Strawberry.

Taco Bell

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