Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Archer Farms Wasabi Soy Almonds

I have been on a nut kick lately. Mostly my obsession has been with roasted almonds
Wandering through Target the other day I saw these Wasabi Soy Almonds. Sitting here on my couch watching "True Blood" sounded like a good time to try them out.

The almonds are coated in a mixture of powdered soy sauce, wasabi and other spices including garlic and oddly enough spinach powder (ok...) now they we know whatthey are made of how do they taste?

Addicting! depending on how the coating is attached to the almond some times the first thing you taste is the spicy heat of the wasabi. On other nuts sometimes you get the salty soy sauce first. They are just the perfect mix of hot, salty and crunch.

I found myself wishing I had a cold beer to go with them. I also couldn't help but wonder how they would be chopped up and mixed into a green tea ice cream.

These are a great snack.


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toEXPRESS said...

they sound awesome, I'm going to pick up a bag on my next trip to Target!