Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cereality Cereal Bar & Cafe


So here I am wandering around DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) airport trying to kill the next 3 hours...
I know I should eat but I am not filling well and the thought of typical greasy airport food makes me want to yark... again (Lupus is just SO much fun). I know, I know, I should have packed my own snacks but as of this writing (in the terminal at DFW) I have been up since 11:00 am Christmas morning and honestly in the last minute packing and craziness food was not even a thought. Anyway- I had to pass the food court on the way to my terminal and what caught my eye?- a cereal bar!!

We all know I am a cereal freak of Seinfeld proportions- and not only does Cereality have around 16 different cereal choices they also have mix in's AND multiple milk choices!- this is important to me as I have to use non-dairy milk.

Ok, I did spend about what I would have spent on a box of cereal at my regular old grocery store for a rather generous portion of Cinnamon Life and Oatmeal Squares topped with an obscene amount of Lucky Charms Marshmallows- but let me tell you I would rather do that then pay double the price for a chain burger and fries. Yes, btw they did have much healthier options then what I got, but really how many chances do you get to have marshmallows at the airport? (OK, worst excuse EVER!)

No, this is not really a review, but should you be traveling through DFW's American Airlines terminal C at any point in the Near future consider this a heads up to a really cool snacking option (or if you are near any of they're other locations)

Cerality Cereal Bar & Cafe DFW Airport Texas


Darrin said...

Gawd... About 10 years ago, my friends and I were talking about "what ifs" one night during graveyard shift. Guess what idea came up? A cereal bar!! I guess you can make anything profitable if executed the right way!!

P.S: Love your site by the way! I'm going to blog roll you now...

NJ-Woman said...

Hey Gigi, Happy New Year! I remember seeing something on tv several years ago about cereal cafes, and I LOVED that idea! There were some on college campuses and all I could think is why wasn't that available when I was in college?! I know I would have been eating there every day, since I would have much preferred cereal to any of the other food they offered.