Friday, December 19, 2008

Vienetta Dessert- Triple Chocolate Limited Edition

The time for the Vienetta being reintroduced was kind of funny.
Back around what would have been my Grandmother's birthday (in September) I thought it might be interesting to get one in her honor- she loved them. Besides Spumoni the Vienetta cakes were the only ice cream I remember her ever buying for herself. It was around then that I realized the Vienetta was no longer on the market. Oddly enough that was also around when Unilever decided to bring the Vienetta back as a limited edition product.

The new version doesn't hold a candle to the old version. First the ice cream in the past was Brayers. The ice cream in this version may be made by Unilever but Brayer's it's not. It's more like the much cheaper, much more chemical laden Good Humor line. I seem to remember the old school version having wafer layers. The current version has thin layers of mockolate.

YES! to add insult to injury not only did they tarnish a cherished childhood memory, cheapened the ice cream THEN they went and put mockolate in it.
On top of that the entire thing doesn't even have any flavor. I know it's supposed to be triple chocolate, but there is barely one chocolate. If anything it's coffee flavored, in the sense that it's fake coffee flavor.

There is nothing good about this... no wait there is!- I never have to eat it again! Bah Humbug!

Albertsons Supermarket


Anonymous said...

I have been searching all over for Vienetta! My brother heard on his way to work that they were coming out with it, holiday only...and I have been to almost every grocer in the area. No luck.

I miss Vienetta... :(

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

The Vienetta Mint has just come back out in the UK! It is so good! I love it! Then again maybe I am just biased with it being produced by Unilever! Its hella cheap anyway!

Gigi said...

You may try your local walmart* I have seen them there as well. In both stores they were in little stand alone coolers rather then on the shelves with the rest of the ice cream product.

I would love to know how the UK version stands up to this currant version. I wonder if it is more like what Vienetta once was. I would have loved to have had a mint version of the old school edition.