Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trader Joe's Mexican Hot Cocoa Cookies

I am starting to think this week is all TJ's all the time!
My well known love of Abuelita so how could I resist these cookies?

Yeah, I think we all know I couldn't. And I am glad I didn't. Each cookie is a little bigger then the size of a quarter in diameter and about an inch or so thick. The cookies are generously powdered in cocoa powder and a spicy cinnamon. The cookie underneath is chocolate and it's semi-soft. Actually I think flaky is a better word. This cookie perfectly captures Mexican Hot Chocolate. Without a doubt this is an 11!

Get some- and pick me up another box while you are at it.

Trader Joe's


Cybele said...

I was looking at these! It so sad that they always have so many seasonal products this time of year, there's no way I can try them all, and by the time I try many of them, I can't even stock up on more, they're gone.

Gigi said...

These are really worth trying before they are gone!

Anonymous said...

you realize these aren't reviews in the slightest.

Gigi said...

You do realize what the word "review" means right?