Friday, December 5, 2008

Nestle Mint Aero Bar

Another bar from Jim's side of the pond
I have actually had this bar before but at the time I didn't review it (what? there was ever a time I ate something and didn't review it?) but since they had them at the local Brit store I thought it was time to try it again.

The first thing you smell is the mint. When you break the bar open and see the insides of the fingers it reminds me in both terms of looks and smell like what I imagine solid mint chocolate chip ice cream would be like.

The chocolate is Nestles standard issue milk chocolate, It's a thin coating but it's sweet and creamy even still. The inner mint portion tastes like a mint melt away (I love those things!) but what I like about it more then the taste is the texture. It sort of implodes on it's self. It melts in your mouth in kind of an airy honeycomb.

Of the best Nestle bar's ever!- but don't take my word for it- take Jim's too


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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Hi Gi thanks for the shout out yet again! This bar is one of my fave mint and choc combos!! Hope you had a great thanks giving a few week back!