Monday, December 29, 2008

Dagoba- Beaucoup Berries Bar

I haven't had any Dagoba chocolate in a very long time...
Today at Zabars while looking through the display I was hoping to find the mint/rosemary bar and sadly came up flat- but they did have this Beaucoup Berries bar that sounded pretty interesting.

Beacoup Berries is a 74% dark chocolate bar with cranberries, cherries and vanilla.
Upon opening the bar smell wise all you get is the deep woodsy notes of the chocolate.

Dagoba bars are made up of fingers that are about the size and shape of mini Kit Kats. The chocolate is remarkably smooth and sweet for a 74% dark chocolate. It does have a biter finish but it is offset nicely by the bits of dried fruit. I know the bar claims to have cranberries but all I really taste is the cherries. The pieces are large and very plump. If there is vanilla in the bar they have also hidden it well- but maybe that is a good thing. If the vanilla is there it manages not to overly sweeten the bar or make it taste and smell like a candle.

It's pleasent enough bar. It's nothing I would go out of my way to have again- but if you are a fan of both dark chocolate and dried fruit this may be the bar for you.

Zabars NYC

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