Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Entenmann's Black and White Cookie

New Yorkers are at least seemingly absolutely obsessed with Black & White cookies
They are everywhere here to the point you start ignoring them. I don't think they are bad, but I don't get whats so magical about them. In case you don't know what one is - They are a neutral cookie base- in the case of the Entenmann's it is a golden sponge cookie. The black & white part is icing and half if chocolate and the other half is vanilla.

Ok... after trying it I kind of see what the fuss is about. The cookie part is really good. It's like super soft yellow cake.

The vanilla side of the frosting does have a very subtle vanilla edge to it- mostly it is just sweet but not tooth ache sweet.

The chocolate side is stronger. It is like a super thin version of the frosting on any of the Entenmann's chocolate cakes.

This is not good folks... this is going to send me on a quest to see how this Black & White cookie stands up to other B&W cookies. Anyone out there have a favorite they would like to suggest?

Duane Reade


Anonymous said...

Do you live near a P&C grocery store? They are all around upstate NY. They have phenomenal Black & White cookies. The best, really.

Gigi said...

That's a good question. I am actually in the City it's self and I haven't seen one... hm might have to try to take a side trip.