Thursday, June 4, 2009

5 Gum Zing!

I found the two new flavors of Wrigley’s 5 gum while on a drugstore run today. I could have just said "drug run" to make things more interesting...but then I would probably end up on all sorts of FBI watch lists (much like the one I am now probably on for using the phrase "FBI watch list.")

Since men in black suits with super old-school earpieces (really guys, it’s sad when my Blue Tooth is better then yours) have not busted my door down yet, I guess I should actually get to the review.

Zing is (according to the package blurb) a sour, then sweet bubblegum flavor. I have never been a fan of the traditional “pink” bubble gum flavor because I find it too sweet, and the aftertaste reminds me of bad kids' liquid antibiotic mixed with “Bitch Beer” style wine coolers. I hate to reference Sandra Lee more than twice in one lifetime, but once again it seems like something she dreamed up in a post-vodka pre-visit to the “doctor” haze.

Zing, true to spiel, is in fact sour at the start. It’s more of a strong lemonade-without-the-lemons type of sour. Unlike one of those pucker-inducing candies that are made to punish the eater for daring to think they could handle the bite (I, in fact love those candies, but they are never sour enough for me), the full effects of the sour does not last very long (less then five minutes). And then it starts to blend into the “sweet” portion of the flavor.

The sweet side, while it sticks firmly to a traditional bubble gum flavor (if you have had one pink bubblegum ever you know what I mean), magically never manages to get overly sweet. It strides that fine line of just sweet enough in a way I can’t remember any other gum ever doing. They have even managed to avoid the nasty aftertaste. There is an aftertaste, but rather than being like a reminder of drinks past, it is like a very toned-down version of the first sour notes. It doesn’t have the longest flavor retention of the all the 5 gums, but it did go for about 15 minutes before it got too bland to bother with.

I actually blew through half a pack in less then a day! Now if you’ll excuse me, there is banging on my door and footsteps on my roof…



Lv.X said...

Hello, it's Dec. 26. For Christmas my mom got me 6 packs of gum. 3 Zing, 3 Solstice. I was overjoyed opening the Zing. Zing is a sour-sweet gum. It is my favorite by 5 gum. The 6 packs will probaly last me 4 weeks or so. I LOVE to chew gum. I only chew 5 though.
-Dave Illinois

Lv.X said...

For the record I enjoy chewing all 5 gum. Also what is your favotie 5 gum.

Gigi said...

I have to say my favorite 5 Gum is Solstice. I go through at least one pack a month!

My ultimate favorite gum however is 5's "Sister" gum- Orbit Sweet Mint (both are parent companied by Wrigley's)

Lv.X said...

Cool, you sure chew alot. I think Solstice is great. It's my second favorite.

Gigi said...

I do chew a lot- I have a thing about fresh breath (I also go through a lot of mints lol)I actually buy the Solstice in the bulk pack from Costco (I may chew too much thinking about it!)

Lv.X said...

Is that why you tend to like peppermint flavored gum more? I also go through mints fast.

Gigi said...

Lv.X: I think so, I have always just really liked mint. Fruit gums not as much. But my childhood favorite flavor was banana-which I don't think anyone makes anymore (and now I feel old lol)

Lv.X said...

Same here, when I was young the peppermint flavor hurt my toung. I used to like fruity gum too. As I growing up I fell in love with the bubble flavor. Yesterday I went through a pack of Zing. So I went out and had too buy more. I cracked up laughing.