Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rachel's Cottage Cheese Cucumber Dill

Cottage cheese is one of those foods that I think I should like, but I never seem to. And I'm not sure why that is -- I mean really, what's not to like? It's creamy, it's kinda-sorta cheesy. It's reasonably good for you. So what's the problem?

The problem is that it's...well, kind of gross. For one thing, it looks like scrambled brains. I imagine that cottage cheese is the preferred snack food of health conscious Zombies.

When I saw the Rachel's on the shelf, I thought that the flavor combination of cucumber & dill might help over come the 'eek' factor. I love tzatziki and, and since this actually did seem (remotely) similar, I thought it might just be the perfect snack.

I think I'd been expecting the cottage cheese to be studded with chunks of cucumber and shards of dill. But instead, all I found at first were large milky white curds.

After giving the curds a swirl, the excess liquid dissolved -- which is good. I really hate watery cottage cheese. I thought I gave the container a good stir, but as I got closer to the bottom I did find a very thin, layer of what I think was supposed to be the cucumber and the dill...but in reality, looked suspiciously like sweet pickle relish.

Even if you can't always see the cucumber and the dill, you can definitely taste them. The cucumber is the stronger of the two flavors. It's almost vinegary, and even though the label gives no hint to it, I have to wonder if there is not just a tiny bit of garlic. The dill is muted -- kind of like what someone envisions dill should taste like rather than what it really does taste like. It's not bad. It's not nearly as good as real tzatziki, but it's passable. I think I would like this better with something: maybe carrot sticks to dip, rather than just on its own.

What was interesting was the texture. It was much firmer than any other cottage cheese I have ever had. It was so firm it could almost be called chewy. I actually preferred it to the mushy stuff.

I also like the fact that Rachael's is free of artificial colors, flavors, HFCS, and is made from growth hormone free milk.

Cottage cheese is still not one of my favorite things, but I would have no problem having this one again in the future... And if I ever become a health conscious Zombie I will already have a go-to food.

Albertsons Supermarket


GS said...

Sorry to hear about your stepmom, may she be with God now.

And about the cottage cheese, I´ve never try that before and it looks kinda gross in that last photo.

Gigi said...

GS: Thank you. I keep repeating myself but I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the kind words and support that have been sent my way.

As for the cottage cheese. Eh, you aren't missing a whole lot. It is not an attractive food.