Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Twizzlers Twizted Berry Pull-n-Peel

Twizzlers! I love them. I can eat a truly scary amount of Twizzlers on my own in a very short span of time.

Seriously, Twizzlers -- the classic Strawberry flavor -- are one of the few things I don't keep in the house, because I will work through even the biggest bag in less than a night. That is, unfortunately, as guaranteed as death and taxes. (Maybe even more so, given the advances in cryogenics and the possibility of anonymous exile in an obscure corner of Uruguay.)

But those rules have yet to apply to any of the non-classic forms of Twizzlers. Not sure why, I have just yet to find one I like nearly as much.

I have especially not fallen for the Pull-n-Peel types. Pull-n-Peels are thinner ropes, often differently flavored, that are entwined around each other. The Twizted Berry ropes are made up of "Berry Cherry," "Blue Raspberry" and "Berry Grape" flavored strings. And they're very fragrant. Even before opening you can smell them right through the plastic packaging...and it smells like a blue Slurpee. Once you actually open the package, it's more like cherry cough syrup than Slurpee.

I got one of the single-serving packs that have 3 thick logs of Twizzler each. If nothing else, the Pull-n-Peel have a fun, edible Play-Doh sort of thing going for them. They are brightly colored, squishy and gummy. Oddly enough (or perhaps not so oddly), those are some of the qualities that ended up killing this candy. They are made with wheat flour, and as a result the texture is gummy...and not in a good, Gummi Bears sort of way. More like gummy in a overcooked pasta type way.

What about the flavor? Well, if after reading this you are still going to take the time to Pull-n-Peel, I'll give you a breakdown of each color:

Predictably, this is the Blue Raspberry. This was my favorite of the three. It tastes like every other blue raspberry candy you've ever had. Really sweet raspberry, with no bitterness. There does seems to be a pretty gnarly (the kids still say gnarly, right?) aftertaste from the food coloring -- but I doubt kids would ever figure it out.

Is the so-called "Berry Cherry". It is indeed a VERY cherry flavor; if by cherry flavor you are thinking of cough syrup. Bad cough syrup, at that.

Berry Grape. Tastes kinda like store brand grape soda. Store brand grape soda from the kind of store that sells the above-mentioned bad cough syrup.

All together:
In one bite, all three flavors blend together in one generic berry ball of goo. I can see where kids would love this candy. It's pretty colored, it's intensely sweet, and it has that all-purpose synthetic berry flavor that kids seem to flock to.

As an adult, minus the colors (I like bright things), those are pretty much all the reasons I don't like these Twizzlers.

My strawberry Twizzler addiction is in no danger of being replaced any time soon.

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Matt said...

Those look delicious. I better head to the gas station for a sugar rush.