Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Wedges

What first caught my eye about this candy was the packaging.

I love pretty much any little tin/canister, and I have been known to buy things just to reuse the container. Isn't it still recycling if you sometimes didn't want the original contents? Besides, being the friend to the environment that I am, the other thing that caught my eye about this candy was that it also features ancho and chipotle chilis and Korintiji cinnamon. With that combination, the chocolate could have been wrapped in sweaty old socks and I would still be wanting to try it.

The chocolates themselves are just as cute as the packaging. There are two layers of wedge-shaped pieces. Each piece is roughly 2 inches long and about half an inch thick.

The chocolate is a 70% dark. The melt is not what I would call chalky, but it is not completely smooth either. It's rich with coffee notes and is just dark enough that the bitter edge comes through, but without making you wish you'd gone for something sweeter instead.

What I really liked about the wedges is that there is no mistaking that the spices are there. The cinnamon is the one that really stands out in terms of flavor, but there actually is a subtle and lingering mild heat. I tried to pick out the individual flavors of the chilis or the cinnamon, but to be honest, after several wedges I really couldn't.

While these wedges were really great to snack on, what I really want to do with them is try them melted over ice cream cream -- or used as an ice cream mix-in!

Trader Joe's


cacaobug said...

I've often wondered about these. Thanks for your review!

Gigi said...

Cacaobug: These are pretty good!

John Montagna said...

the greatest! too bad the brooklyn NYC store has been out of them for weeks.

Gigi said...

Since you mention it my local store has not had them in a while either. I hope they are not being discontinued.