Thursday, June 11, 2009

Okami Sushi Rolls

Sometimes you just want sushi.

And sometimes, you want sushi on the night that you have just accidentally dyed your hair a rather Princely shade of purple, and you have to spend the time you were planning on spending at a leisurely sushi dinner re-dying your hair back to a shade that is reasonably close to "normal"... not that I am bitter. C'mon, tell me this wasn't a cool color, though! (And it GLOWED in sunlight.)

In any event, thankfully, Trader Joe's had my back. I was able re-dye my hair AND have sushi! (Yes, I probably just could have gotten take-out from where I was planning to go to dinner...but then we wouldn't have a review, would we?)

Because I very, very seldom do ready-made sushi, you are also getting a bonus 3-in-1 review!


So The outer rice is studded with toasted sesame seeds in contrasting colors -- nice touch. The inner nori (seaweed) wrapper is visible but not huge or thick (also good). The surimi (aka fake crab, which is often normal for a California roll) is of the "salad" type rather than a stick of "crab" meat (I like it either way). What I have noticed is glaringly missing is cucumber and avocado, both of which are a big part of what makes a California roll. Minus the lack of avocado and cucumber, for ready-made it was pretty good. The crab flavor was mild. The rice was sticky but not too gummy (well, it was a little, but for ready-made sushi I am cutting some slack). The nori was just right -- I hate when it won't rip easily in the teeth.

For a fast meal or quick snack I would get it again.


As with the "regular" California Roll, the outer edge is lined with sesame. The crab filling is the salad type and there is no avocado or cucumber. Oh, and the center is a happy shade of orange. The filling appears to be studded with little red specks. To me the difference seems to be that the filling tastes as if Sriracha sauce (you know, the squeeze bottle with the rooster on it) was mixed generously into the filling. And just like the other California Roll, for something ready-made I really liked it.


This roll simply has nori on the outside, and a thick layer of rice. The inner filling is a sort of shrimp salad with a nice little chunk of avocado...and it comes from the seventh level of hell. Have you ever had ready-made tuna salad that makes you think of cat food? Well, that would still taste better than this roll. I know it says "wasabi," but I sure didn't taste any. I gotta be honest: I couldn't make it past a slice and a half. I'm sorry. I love you guys, really I do, but I don't love you that much.

Even with the failure of the last roll, I again have to say that for ready-made sushi these rolls made a nice little snack. No doubt it's not in the same ball park as made-to-order, but for a fast option it really hit the spot.

Trader Joe's

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Peter said...

Mmmmmm I love this brand, I'm finishing up the 25 piece party platter right now