Friday, June 26, 2009

Jack In The Box Taco Nachos

I have had one of the worst weeks of my life. And let me tell you, it's kind of sad that one of the few highlights has been the Taco Nachos from Jack.

The nachos consist of two of Jack's classic fried mystery meat tacos that have been cut into pieces on a bed of lettuce and topped with jalapenos and nacho cheese.

Let's be brutally honest: there is very little here that in reality should be remotely attractive. There is no grace to the presentation. It's greasy, it's congealed. AM/PM nachos look better.

Let's break it down layer by layer.

The lettuce on the very bottom is purely ornamental. It's a thin layer, and what is there is wilted.

The taco layer: The tacos are striped down to merely meat and shell. The meat, which is beef, is rather nondescript. It's ground beef, but there is no distinguishable texture, or even flavor. It's just vaguely meaty. The corn shells have been deep fried and soaked in the nacho cheese to the point they are soft and floppy.

The jalapenos are nice, crunchy and "raw." They add a good hit of heat without being too spicy for the masses.

The nacho cheese: Once again I am going to show my age. It reminded me of a less orange version of the cheese served on nachos found at roller skating rinks everywhere. You know, the kind that came in a big ass tin can and was simply marked "cheese."

All of these layers together should, by all rights, form some of holy union of suck. But by some weird wave of the Universe's magic wand, these nachos are actually about seven different kinds of awesome. I can't explain how it is all so good together. It's practically not even food. But somehow it just works.

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Jack In The Box

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