Monday, June 1, 2009

Gigi Takes Manhattan!

... Sadly, there won't be Muppets (well, maybe there will never know) but Gigi is heading to NYC for a week!

I will be in transit today, so no review -- but I will be Twittering, so watch for updates. (C'mon, you know you want to follow me)

I plan on hitting my favorite haunts and looking for new goodies. Any suggestions? I am still in search of the perfect Black & White cookie.

And, no there will be Big Foot stories following this note.


Anonymous said...

Ooh could you please review the famous Levain Bakery cookies, while you're in the area?

Gigi said...

That is actually only a few blocks from where I am right now so I will definitely make a trip!

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Have fun in NY Gi!

JuJuBeans said...

You need to go to Madeleine Patisserie and try their Parisian macarons and let me know if they are just as yummy as everyone else says! Also, I think I heard Bouchon Bakery has fabulous cookies.

Gigi said...

It has been fun and sadly I have to go home tomorrow :(

Anon: Unfortunately it doesn't look like I will make it to Madeleine Patisserie- and that is totally bumming me out because I love a good macaron.