Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cibo Express Black & White Cookie

Somehow, I managed to go through my entire New York City trip without a single Black & White cookie! I don’t know how that even happened, but it surely did.

Luckily, one of the few kiosks in the United terminal at LaGuardia Airport had a large and tasty looking specimen. The Cibo cookie is roughly 4 inches wide and thick enough that it feels spongy and cake-like (as a good B&W should). I also discovered that purchasing a large soft cookie to review right before you get into a small cramped space may not have been the smartest thing I ever did.

When I try a Black & White cookie, I like to taste the two sides separately, making little ratlike nibbles down the joined ebony and ivory living together in perfect harmony center (that is SUCH a bad song). I always think I am going to prefer the chocolate side, but it is usually the vanilla that wins me over.

I am sorry to tell you that I got really hungry on the first leg of my flight and sacrifices had to be made. Thus the cookie never made it to the connecting flight home, and all we have for posterity is the one single picture. Oh well. Trust me when I say you did not miss much.

The Chocolate Side:
The icing is in fact thick, but it is waxy. Since the "chocolate" side contains cocoa powder but no cocoa butter, that pretty much explains both the texture and the taste. It's mockolate hell. Think Palmer candies, only cheaper, and with a really funky 4 hours in a dry plane bad breath kind of aftertaste... only less good.

The Vanilla Side:
As expected, I did prefer the vanilla side to the chocolate side. But it was kinda like choosing between Milli and Vanilli -- neither is real, and in the end you kind of feel cheated, even if they really looked the part. The vanilla icing tasted EXACTLY like someone had melted down Candy Korn and spread it on top of the cookie. (Well, to be honest, that did taste better then it sounds. But once again, only in the same way that "Blame It On The Rain" is a slightly less crappy song then "Girl You Know It's True.")

The Cookie:
At first it tastes merely like a knockoff version of a knockoff version of a Twinkie -- only more oily. Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, for reasons I could not begin to explain, the cookie portion tastes oddly like cornbread. Cookies should NEVER taste like cornbread! How does that even happen?

You should be glad I ate it and you didn't. But I willingly make such sacrifices nonethless, because, y'know, I'm a giver that way.

Random food kiosk, LaGuardia Airport, New York City

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