Sunday, June 7, 2009

Starbucks Mini Vanilla Scones

I have said before -- recently, actually -- that much like many girls, with brief exceptions to the rules, I love all things done in miniature versions.

Starbucks has introduced mini scones to the menu. And who am I to resist the allure of mini scones? No, it's not full size, but damned if there just isn't something about it that draws you in and says, "Here, take a bite, I'm scrumptious..." It's like resisting the sarcastically sexy allure of the also-small Stanley Tucci:

You could, but you would be missing out on something good -- even if he can't always reach things on the top shelf for you. (At 4'9" myself, maybe I should shut up and not refer to anyone else as short? Stanley, I hope this doesn't mean you won't be calling, you're way taller than me, I make you look like a giant! C'mon!...)

The Scones, unlike Stanley (sadly), are covered in a thin coating of sweet, vanilla bean flecked icing. Beneath the icing lies a soft yet toothsome pastry that starts to melts in your mouth.

I think the mini scones' size helps avoid the dry and overbaked portions Starbucks scones always seem to have. The minis that I have had (and it's been several over the last week) have all been perfectly flaky and just moist enough from end to end. The scone itself has almost a neutral flavor. You can tell the vanilla is there, but it does not come off as fake or cloying. There's a very sugar cookie-like flavor to it. I would love the basic recipe, because with but a few small tweaks of flavoring, the universe of flavor possibilities would be staggering. The base dough stands well enough on its own to be a tasty and satisfying treat.

Starbucks had recently announced that it was revamping its pastry lineup, and if these scones are any indication, they are off to a fantastic start!



Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Damn I wish our starbucks sold these :( I love vanilla coated anything

Gigi said...

Jim- If it makes you feel any better my local SoCal Starbucks don't seem to have them. WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY!