Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Carl's Jr.: The Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger

Back in the day, when I was somewhere around five or six years old, Carl's Jr. was the fast food I would beg for.

Because it was also the only place we ever lived within walking distance of, my grandmother, who watched us during the day (and didn't drive) would often break down and take me there; mostly to shut me up. Nowadays, I am less of a fan than I used to be -- sorry, guys, it's hard to compete with the legendary In-N-Out -- but I do like their Six Dollar Burger. And every now and then, I just have to have one. Also, as I love mushrooms on pretty much anything, it seemed as if this burger should be a slam dunk.

The burger itself is doesn't disappoint. The meat has a nice grilled taste. They don't go overboard on the mayo, and the cheese is serviceable. Yeah, they do put somewhere around half a head of lettuce on it, but that seems to be the new standard.

The problem with this burger is the mushrooms. They're slimy. Really slimy -- like snail trail slimy. They taste good enough -- by probably-canned, highly preserved, not-fresh standards. You can definitely taste that at some point in their lives they had been earthy and meaty, just a little chewy, and all the things that a good mushroom should be. Oh, what a thing it might have been if not for the fact that somewhere down the road, something evil turned them into the blackish puddle of muck that floats in a grease river on top of the burger. And in a final insult upon injury, there were even herbs added to the mushrooms to add further flavor. But, like the 'shrooms themselves, the herbs don't have any life left either, and in fact I can't tell you which herbs they once were.

But for some reasonably fresh mushrooms, this would have been a terrific fast food burger. It's actually hard to rate this one because the burger itself is damn good...but, since it is advertised as a Portobello Mushroom burger, we have to give the sorry mushrooms their due. Thus, in the end, I can't rate this one highly at all.

Carl's Jr


Sophie said...

Oh, gosh slimy mushrooms? And they actually have youtube stars adverting it all over the place! they must be getting paid a lot man.

Anonymous said...

While I agree that the burger does not use portobello gourmet fresh mushrooms I find it hypocritical that you think the burger tastes great but rated it low as a result.

To me the burger is great and excellent for fast food. But to say that one can make better at home with fresh ingredients is a given. I compare items that costs $5-$6 made in the same time as this burger and to me this was worth the cost as it saves time.

With the buy one get one free coupon this burger is a steal.

Gigi said...

The burger it's self does taste great- it's the topping that is awful and since it is the Mushroom Six Dollar Burger I rated it based on the mushrooms being the main ingredient/selling point.

Speaking strictly about the burger it's self, I think it is about the best of the big name fast food burgers. And I love a couple of the other versions such as the Guac & Bacon version or the Western Bacon. As well as the original Six Dollar Burger.

RAPman said...

I had a Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger tonight for the first time. When you squeeze and bite into it, the contents of the burger slide all over the place like a car on an icy road. The bun is both too thin and not wide enough in diameter to keep the contents in place. The bun is actually thinner than the meat patty.

As to its taste, it's not bad for a fast food burger but it is nothing to rave about. Actually, I will have to wait until it is fully digested before coming to a final conclusion. I payed $3.89 less a $1 off coupon. I don't plan on buying another one -- with or without the coupon.