Saturday, January 5, 2008

Avon Heathly Remedy Detox Patches

Ok so this isn't a food review
But since I am on my feet all day long at work (like everyone else in the food service/beverage industry) my feet tend to swell to epic proportions and hurt like hell. There is pretty much nothing I wouldn't try to get even a little relief.

The idea behind the patches is that they contain an "Ancient Japanese Secret" formula of herbs, wood vinegars, minerals and pixie dust that supposedly after wearing over night on the souls of your feet will draw toxins out of your body. In the morning when you take the pads off you will notice that the clean, dry, white pad you put on the night before are now sticky and brown with "toxins" that have been pulled out.

Uh yeah... So even though I believed in the whole toxin thing about as much as I believe Brittany Spears is a good mother I ordered the pads anyway. Again, I would try just about anything if I thought it would help.

So after laughing at me for ordering the pad's my friend/Avon lady got me my pads.
Once I had them in my hot little hands it is amazing how bland they look. They look like what would happen if a Band-Aid and a Tea Bag had a baby. After a weekend of working almost 35 hours I slapped them on and settled in. I can't say that the patches actually made my feet feel any different. Minus the fact that I was not used to having anything on my feet once I am home (I am a foot nudist) it was basically uneventful.

The next day when I took the patches off they were indeed brown and sticky. It did seem like my feet had perspired more then normal. Personally I think the color change is due to the combination of sweat and the vinegar and herbs in the pad. I still don't buy into the whole 'detox' part- BUT what the pad's did do an excellent job of was helping to ease the swelling in my feet. There was a noticeable difference in how rapidly the swelling went down versus not wearing the pad's. Again I am thinking this is due to the fact that the pad's do seem to cause excess sweating. bottom line I don't really care what in the pad's made it happen I am just glad it happened.

If you are on your feet long hours or have swollen feet I would say the pads are worth a try. If you choose to believe the detox claims that is all on you (again I still call shenanigans on it) but they did give me some relief from my swelling and it has worked each of the half dozen times I have used them.


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