Sunday, January 6, 2008

Snapple- Noni Berry Juice

Hey is this supposed to be good for me?

In vogue a few years ago because they were supposed to be good for you. According to the Snapple bottle Noni is supposed to increase your energy. I did a Google search for more information but all I found were ad's or pages for miracle drinks and well I got exhusted trying to wade through them! (hm... maybe the energy part of the drink is overrated!)

Let's cut to the part we all care about. How did it taste?
Having never had Noni Berries before I unfortunately cannot tell you how the Snapple Noni taste compared to say the Tahitian Noni juice, but I can tell you what it tastes like to me. It reminded me of a really mellow strawberry. Since there are strawberries pictured on the juices label I assume it is supposed to.
It's a clean and simple strawberry, not overly sweet with the tiniest bit of a bitter edge. I would love to make a granita or even just a regular old Popsicle out of this juice because it would be delicious frozen. Even as is, straight from the cold bottle the best word to describe the juice is refreshing.

I can already tell this will be one of my summer staples!

Bodega (Convenience store) NYC


Anonymous said...

I just disovered this drink too, it's great, immediatley my favorite so's a little hard to find supermarkets carry this flavor yet..have only been able to find it at Gas Station/mini marts so far...Shell and Mobil

Gigi said...

I know! Snapple makes some great products that I have just not seen period outside of New York City. BUT a Google search turned up a great online resource (what did we do before Google?)
I found The Dr. Soda Company ( they have just about everything AND the carry the Noni Snapple.
HERE is a direct link to the page for that drink.
I have to go order some myself!