Friday, January 25, 2008

Stouffer's Smoked Turkey Club Panini

Melted cheese AND bacon?- sign me up!

I wasn't entirely sure I was going to like this. Heat and Eat products with poultry or meat can be scary. Sometimes the turkey can be plasticy and bacon can be turned into a fatty greasy mess.

I wanted something different so I tried it anyway. Have to say it wasn't half bad.
Thanks to the modern magic of foil lined boxes the sourdough toast that the panini is made with actually was toasty- even when made in the microwave!
The turkey was ok, no it is not like having freshly roasted turkey. But it was about as good as it can be for frozen turkey. The bacon is waaay to salty but it is pliable and reasonably lean. The Swiss cheese comes in the form of a sauce. It actually reminded me of really, really thick Alfredo sauce.

You "grill" the halves of the panini separately, it does cause everything to run together on the halves. I know that for a lot of people that would not be a selling point, but it works for me.

It's salty, it's overly processed and it's way to cheesy. But I still liked it. No it is not good for you. Yes, there are certainly tastier things you could and should have for dinner. But if like me you are getting off a 10 hour shift, it's after midnight and the thoughts of ordering dinner from a clowns mouth or actually cooking something (and YES that would no question be better by far) make you think a case of Ensure would be a viable option, this would not be the worst choice you could make.

Kroger (Ralph's depending on your location)

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