Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stouffers Lean Cuisine Panini- Chicken, Mushroom & Spinach

Since I liked the Smoked Turkey Club so much my friend suggested I try this

The package blurb says the panini's contain:
Grilled white meat chicken strips with spinach,mushrooms,roasted red peppers, three cheeses and a cheese sauce on Italian bread

Just like with it's full calorie cousin the bread came out nice and toasty. The roasted red peppers are great! smokey and moist. The chicken is juicy and the cheese is melty. It is also not nearly as salty as the main line. These are so good they might even pass for freshly made rather then frozen.
I also never would have guessed this was a Lean Cuisine.

This one product alone has made me want to give the brand another shot.

Thanks Amy I loved it!!

Kroger Supermarket (Ralph's depending on where you are)

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