Friday, January 11, 2008

Hillside Hot Cocoa- Hot Chocolate w/ Marshmallows

Self heating hot chocolate in a can!

When I saw this on the local Mega-Mart shelf I was a combination of horrified and intrigued.
When I saw this on the local Mega-Mart shelf I was a combination of horrified and intrigued. I love hot chocolate- and let's face it, I am a sucker for anything with marshmallows. We all know I could not resist the opportunity for a review.

The hot chocolate self heats by pushing in a button on the bottom of the can. That button breaks a water seal and the water mixes with quicklime and like magic 5-8 minutes later you have warm hot chocolate (and the all important marshmallows).

I gotta tell you the self heating thing did not impress me. Why?- 10 minutes after breaking the magic seal I still had a room temp can. I tried shaking the hell out of the can (because shaking things always makes them work better right?)After 20 minutes the thing still hadn't heated. Since I found a few other reviews online (One I especially liked can be read at What The deuce and they all had success with the self heating so maybe I just got a bad can- it finally heated after half an hour!
When it did heat up it was indeed pretty hot.

So after all that work was does it taste like?
Sweet- very, very, very sweet. It's like drinking warm, vaguely chocolatey simple syrup. Since there are not in fact any delicious marshmallows floating in the cocoa I can only guess that part of the sweetness is from not so delicious marshmallow "flavor".

I love the idea, I just didn't love the drink.

Kroger (Ralph's depending on your location)
Also seen at: Wal*Mart


MawMaw said...

My granddaughter and I bought 2 of these to try. We LOVE them. And so convenient. She wants to take some the next time she and her Dad go hunting.

Gigi said...

I never could get into the Marshmallow version- I did end up buying the "Rich Chocolate" (which was really just plain old hot cocoa) several times and liking that.

It's funny that you commented on this review because I was just thinking about this line the other day- I haven't seen them here on the West Coast at all.