Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dagoba- Lavender Organic Chocolate Bar

As you may have read I LOVED New Tree's Tranquility bar
And with that in mind the Dagoba bar had a lot to live up to.
The Dagoba bar is much smaller then the New Tree bar- 2 oz. Vs 2.80 oz. but the Dagoba bar is much smaller so the bar is thicker- which I liked. The Dagoba is 59% dark chocolate as opposed to the milk chocolate in the Dagoba bar. As good as New Tree's milk chocolate I love dark chocolate and always choose it over milk. Dagoba also features blueberries in they're bar.

The smell of the dark chocolate and the lavender is heavenly- really is there a more relaxing smell in the world?. I could easily fall asleep to dreams of eating chocolate off of Alton Brown with this bar next to me (did I say that out loud?)

Taste. Well, like most good fantasies the reality tends to be a little different (example, Alton Brown is married- and not to me) The chocolate is pretty good. Rich and slightly bitter and has a great snap to it. The dominant flavor by far however is the lavender. The subtle kiss of lavender from the New Tree bar is more like a a full on body press in the the Dagoba bar. Honestly it is too much. Rather then giving a fresh and floral note it ends up tasting medicinal and soapy. As for the blueberry the only hint that it is even there is that in some bites you will end up with small pieces of dried fruit and since lavender doesn't look like dried fruit I assumed it was the blueberry. Again there was no discernible taste and to tell the truth I did not like the rough dryness of the fruit messing with the smooth melt of the chocolate.

In the end the Dagoba bar can't hold a candle to the New Tree bar, But I do give them credit for the use of dark chocolate over milk and for the outstanding aroma.

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