Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hershey Bliss- Milk Chocolate


Bliss seems to be Hershey's answer to the Dove collection. The pieces even look like Dove Promises.

But, the big question is do they taste like Dove Promises?

The answer is sadly, no. But as far as Hershey's chocolate go the Bliss pieces are pretty good. I was hoping this would be bite sized pieces of Symphony chocolate, but it is not that either. The Bliss is not nearly as milky as the Symphony but it does share the same creamy, even melt. The texture is rich and smooth (none of the sugary grit that Hershey is known for). The flavor is sweet, a little too sweet for me. The after taste however is good. A nice deep cocoa.

I would never choose this over just about any other premium chocolate you could name but it is one of the best products Hershey's is currently offering.

Publix Supermarket


wstender said...

Bliss is just another bulk chocolate like dove cadbury lindt

there is not enough good cacao in the world for bliss to be good

try republica de cacao

or CAONI Chocolates and you will see why bliss is just another bulk candy.

Gigi said...

Your absolutely right!- in the context of Hershey's vs. Hershey's products they are among the better offerings.

I will look into your suggestions. Where do you normally find them?

Pankaj said...

I think the comparison to lindt is odious, but it tasted slightly better than dove. Bliss with meltaway center for one tastes like a winner.

Anonymous said...

I much prefer Côte d'Ivoire chocolate or even that from Ghana. This is a terribly textured milk chocolate. For American chocolate by preferred brand is Amano.

Raymond said...

Everybody loves Raymond after giving "BLISS".