Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Snapple- Goji Punch

Goji wasn't that the name of that dinosaur thing in Super Mario Brothers?
OK, so I know that it wasn't (it's name was Yoshi) I just felt like being a nerd (and knowing the real answer makes me an even bigger nerd)

This is another one of Snapples juices that are supposed to be really good for you. I will take they're word for it.

I loved the taste! It's like Hawaiian Punch for grown ups. It's not as sweet or as thick as HP but that is still the best way to describe it.

This one is addicting!

Bodega (Convenience store) NYC


Loula said...

I know this is sad, but I just bought this punch last night and tried it. I'm late, but I made it, lol.

I really like it. Especially the fact that it is not as sweet as some other drinks. Healthy? If they say so. If its in writing, its true, right? Hehe.


renee said...

I really like goji punch so much that I got others around me to get addicted to it too. But now we all are sad because we can't find our favorite drink in our area any more, so can you please e-mail me and let me know so I can tel the others where we can purchase our favorite drink again.
Thanx, rtolen03@gmail.com

Gigi said...

Renee: I am not sure where you are located- so this may not be a huge help but...
Here in Southern California I was able to readily find the Goji Punch at my local area Albertsons and Vons supermarket. But, I haven't gone looking for it in a while. I checked out the Snapple website (Snapple.com) and sadly there are no mentions of the drink on the product lists so it is possibly discontinued.

BUT! don't let it be said that Gigi is not a Google Master-
You can purchase it online at DrSoda.Com by clicking HEREHope that helped!