Monday, January 7, 2008

Vosges Chocolat- Mo's Bacon Bar

The things I will go through for the sake of a review!

Let me tell you I have had to work to get this review. I have known about this bar since it debuted but had not come across one in my searches (yes, I could have easily ordered it online, but that takes away the thrill of the hunt). As there are two Vosages boutiques here in New York City I decided it was high time to make a trip to one. I choose the one in SoHo as it was also adjacent to another shop that I wanted to do a Pocky run to (I think I need Dr. Phil's help at this point)
Two trains, 1 cab, several crappy sets of directions and a walk through an area at night that is both shockingly expensive and frightening at the same time I finally made it to the shop!.

It's an adorable little shop. The sales girls were quiet knowledgeable and helpful and though I had a great time and ended up spending a lot more then I had planned I left disappointed (well, it's hard to be disappointed around great chocolate more like saddened) the shop was sold out of the bacon bars which were my main reason for going. I tried to console myself. After all I DID get other bars and truffles, I had finally made it to one of the stores which I had been meaning to do for a few years now. So I didn't get exactly what I was looking for, there was always next time.

And that is where the story would have left off had I not needed butter.
I am preparing salmon with a wasabi compound butter tonight and my butter of choice is Plugra and locally the easiest place to get it is Zabars- well to be honest any reason to go to Zabars is a good reason. After getting my butter and browsing a bit I get online and lo and behold what would you guess is before me stacked on an end cap? Yep, you caught on fast it was the elusive Vosages Bacon bar!
After all that work there it was! of course I got it (what you thought I went through this whole story for nothing?)and that brings us up to the most important point.

How does it taste?
The bar is supposed to be applewood smoked bacon, Alder wood smoked salt in a deep milk chocolate (41% cacao).
The smell is somewhat disappointingly just like plain chocolate. I think I was expecting a big whiff of bacon.

My first thought was "Oh my god why am I eating chocolate covered bacon?" the smokey bacon is the first thing that hits you- and YES there are indeed little baco-bit sized pieces of bacon in the bar (least you think it was merely bacon flavor) the sweetness of the chocolate immediately makes you question your own sanity as to why your eating it (or still eating it if you go back for more)

My hands down favorite part of the bar is the salt! there is no mistaking it and the salt and the chocolate together is just killer. If not for the bacon slowing me down that bar would have been gone in less time then it has taken me to write this.

While the bar does grow on you and I am sure die hard bacon fans would gobble the bar up it was just a combination I couldn't fall in love with. I'm glad I finally tracked it down though and I will have to start praying to the chocolate gods for an all chocolate/salt bar!

Also seen at: Vosges boutiques, Vosges.Com, Whole Foods

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