Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pocky- Strawberry

Another day, another Pocky!

There are two main types of Strawberry Pocky, one type is just a coating of strawberry candy and the other has the strawberry candy with bits of dried strawberry embedded into it. That is the kind I have tried.

I will be honest I am not a huge strawberry fan. I like fresh strawberries as much as the next person, but strawberry flavored items never get too high up on my list. Actually I pretty much hate things like strawberry milk, strawberry gum and most strawberry candy... kinda makes you wonder why I even tried these doesn't it?

You guys know me I will try anything!
And unsurprisingly enough at first try I didn't like these either!
When you open the inner packet you get the strongest smell of artificial strawberry. It actually reminded me exactly of these Strawberry Shortcake Vitamins I took as a kid- they tasted awful but they came in these cool containers that looked like giant plastic strawberries! But anyway...
The Pocky has a base of strawberry cream and that is speckled with dried strawberries. The whole thing just tastes fake. Cloyingly fake at that. After working my way through about six of them they did start to grow on me. Despite the fakeness it started to make me think of white chocolate covered strawberries, and who doesn't like white chocolate covered strawberries?!

Strawberry Pocky will never be my favorite but if you like fake strawberry flavor you will love these.

Kam Man Market NYC

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