Monday, January 28, 2008

A & W Float

Because actually scooping ice cream into root beer can just take too long some times!

I never really thought that actually making a root beer float was such a production that it merited a ready made version but someone some where did and now the world has this drink.

The smell of the drink is sort of like root beer and vanilla frosting, it's actually a rather pleasant smell.

The "ice cream" portion of the drink comes via skim milk and cream, it does create a somewhat dairy like taste but it more like the kind you get out of say a can of Slim Fast or Ensure. The mouth feel is creamy though with just the barest amount of carbonation possible to not be considered flat.

So what does it taste like?:
If a root beer hard candy and a Cream Saver had a baby it tastes like a liquid version of that. As a root beer drink it's not bad. Personally it is too sweet for my taste but I would drink one from time to time. It does have the chemical aftertaste from hell though. 15 minutes after the fact and it has not died down yet.

There is no comparing this to a real root beer float. All the best parts of the float experience are missing. There is none of that great 'crust' that forms between the root beer and the ice cream. No little islands of unmelted ice cream. None of the fun of licking off the foam from the top. No, great idea but I think I am going to stick to the old school version!

Publix Supermarket


Stefan said...

That review was entirely too nice. The A&W root beer float is the worst drink I have had in a very long time. Don't even take one for free.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. This stuff is horrible. I took one taste, and then poured it down the drain.

Gigi said...

Anon: What I want to know is how is this vile drink still on the market!