Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vosages Chocolat Truffles- Funk & Disco

'Naner Pudding in a truffle?- Hook me up!
Funk & Disco is a milk chocolate truffle with flavors of banana and vanilla.

So I have a MAJOR banana pudding addiction. If it is on a menu, I promise you I WILL order it. There was no way I could let trying this truffle pass me by.

The top of the truffle is dusted with vanilla. Biting into the truffle the first thing you taste and smell is the banana. Bonus points to Vosages right off the bat because the banana smells and taste like a real banana. The next notes that hit you are the vanilla- again it is very natural. None of the chemical flavoring that you might expect.

The texture is a smooth and melty center covered by a crisp chocolate dome.

Once again I find myself wishing I had gotten more because these are some wonderful truffles.

Vosages boutique NYC SoHo location

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