Monday, January 28, 2008

Special K Bliss Bar- Orange

Talk about truthiness in advertising!

I have been trying to give Special K a second shot. Somewhere along the line I decided that the cereal was a little on the bland side for me and I have avoided it for years. But I have been making a point of giving things a second chance.

I cheated and started out with these bars rather then the cereal.
The bars are the size of a Kudos bar and is made of Special K multi-grain cereal and small segments of dried mandarin orange. The bottom of the bars are enrobed in chocolate.

These bars are delicious! the texture is more like that of a Rice Crispy Treat then a cereal or granola bar (that is a HUGE selling point for me). The chocolate on the bottom is a respectable amount and it is a decent semi-sweet (reminded me a lot of Toll House Morsels actually). The star of the show hands down would be the oranges! they are sweet and tart and still retain some moistness (sort of like a dried apricot) I think orange is one of the most under used flavors at the moment and I hope that enough people flock to this bar to inspire more orange snacks.

OOOH! and before I forget each bar is only 90 calories! (no, that does not mean you can eat 3 of them in a row... not that I did that)
I LOVED these!!

Kroger (Ralph's depending on your location)

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