Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lean Cuisine Flatbread Melt- Pesto Chicken


The Pesto Chicken version has:
Grilled white meat chicken, sun dried tomatoes, red peppers, cheese and creamy pesto sauce in a soft flatbread.

I liked the flat bread it's self. It's fluffy and moist. It reminded me of a Taco Bell Gordita. It stays soft but not mushy or doughy.

The chicken is juicy and lean. The peppers taste fresh roasted and the cheese is surprisingly good. The pesto sauce isn't bad but it is nothing special. The only thing I really didn't care for is the sun dried tomato's. Somehow they sort of rehydrate and the texture is just weird. More like a tomato that had been sliced and forgotten about for a few days then a real sun dried tomato.

I did like the Panini better over all but the flat bread melt is tasty and I will be trying the other versions.


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